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SRP Cebu: Now and Its Future

The P2.6-billion South Road Properties (SRP), remains by far the biggest investment of the Cebu City government. Here’s what's already here and how it will impact the growth of the city and in the future lifestyle of its people in the next five years.

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The South Road Properties (SRP) is a 300-hectare (3 sq. km) island-type reclamation area in the southeastern part of Cebu City. The most enormous project by a local government in Philippine history, it is envisioned to be an economic and lifestyle hub in central Philippines.


Here are the attractions you can now enjoy here:

Seaside Dining at Parilya

Located at the Filinvest Land-owned enclave of IL Corso, it serves the world-famous lechon and a wide variety of seafood, and grill outdoor dining by the sea.

Parilya at SRP Cebu

When you fancy for a romantic dining by the sea, there are only few restaurants here in Cebu City that offers that seaside feel. This could be your best shot for lunch and dinner: great food, scenic view, and awesome service. You can check out their facebook page here: fb.com/ParilyaPH


Native Taste at Lantaw SRP

Parilya at SRP Cebu

This is the first restaurant established in SRP that serves native Filipino cuisine and delicious fruit drinks. Here you can enjoy  the breathtaking view of the horizon and the feel of breeze touching your skin. You can visit their facebook page here: fb.com/lantawSRP


Gusto Mare Italian Restaurant

Gusto Mare at SRP

An italian restaurant by the sea? Sounds like a good experience. I haven't dined here yet, but I'll update my experience as soon as I get to munch in here over mouth-watering pizza and world-famous Terrazini Faverotta noodles.


SM Seaside City

SM Seaside City at SRP

This is the third largest mall in the Philippines and the sixth in the world. With it's 470,490-square-meter retail area, “Seaside” is packed with everything you need. It hosts a 12,410-square-meter hypermarket, a two-level 20,389- square-meter department store, over 800 retail shops and a string of classy restaurants, including international brands. The plusses are remarkable: Five cinemas and a 1,020-seat theater, a bowling center with 18 lanes, and a 1,966-square-meter ice skating rink. And on the roof, 23,443 square-meter elevated park with ponds, trees, and restaurants. As SM malls always say: "We got it all for you!"


University of the Philippines

University of the Philippines SRP

The SRP won't just be a lifestyle hub in Cebu but will also offer world-class education at the University of the Philippines campus. Right now, they offer graduate programs only, but when the whole project opens, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be great academic treat at its sprawling campus within a stone throw from the Amalfi Oasis residential enclave of Filinvest Land. Student life will always be the best part of our lives. Agree?


Commuting in SRP Cebu

MyBus Cebu

MyBus offers a convenient bus ride, on certain routes that stretch all the way from nearby Talisay City, passing by SM Seaside, port of Cebu,  SM City atd the North Reclamation Area, Parkmall, and then to the Mactan Cebu International Airport. There are coaches that accept cash payment in bus stops but most rides require an E-Plus card which can be bought in stations around the city and also in SM malls. Like their facebook page to get updated with route changes.


Residential Clusters

Amalfi and Sanremo Oasis in City di Mare

The only way for you to live in SRP Cebu is through buying a condo (apartment but you own it). Hmmm, it smells like a good investment, right? There are a bunch of residential development and construction in the area for midrise and highrise condos. But Filinvest Land's Amalfi and Sanremo Oasis in City di Mare went in first and they are now ready for occupancy. Foreign investors could be entitled 100% ownership in this type of real estate property in the Philippines and are always welcome to invest.


Soon to Rise in SRP Cebu

City di Mare

This is a 50-hectare joint-venture development by Filinvest and Cebu City government. City di Mare, which means "city by the sea," will be the largest coastal township in Cebu and is set to be the lifestyle capital of the country, next to Manila.

City di Mare in SRP Cebu

City di Mare offers residential condominiums; right now Amalfi and Sanremo Oasis are ready for occupancy. The project will also offer corporate headquarters (offices), leisure and upper-class retail zone like IL Corso, and integrated community making the town a desired address in Cebu City.



IL Corso

Il Corso at SRP Cebu

This mall is the coast of City de Mare and some parts of the mall is already open and now serving guests. But its main sections remain under construction.


SMDC Plans around SM Seaside City

SMDC Plan for SRP Cebu


It is obvious that SM Development Corporation will build residential clusters and offices around SM Seaside but they have not published any plans yet. Lego Land of Singapore plans to build and operate a large theme park for children, but no final agreement has been reached. I'll update this article when they do. It's exciting how this will change Cebu City for good.

The SRP-Cordova Bridge

This will be called Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway. The bridge will be 8.25 kilometers long, with two by two lanes, raised 51 meters above the Mactan Channel, designed to absorb live load from cars and trucks traveling at the speed of 80 km through 90 km/hour, and given 35 years in concession for investor capital recovery.

SRP-Cordova Bridge

Serving as a traffic decongestion solution at the two existing bridges in Mandaue City, this bridge provides easy access to Mactan Cebu International Airport from southern Cebu. It is meant for minimizing economic losses arising from heavy, oftentimes snarled flow of vehicles on the Cebu-Mandaue highway, and facilitate more trade and commerce activities between Cebu City and its neighbor-city of Tagbilaran and province of Bohol. The project is expected to be open on 2021. I’m no economist, but I think this could be also be a bridge to the economic growth of nearby Cordova town.


Other Development and Plans

Ayala Land and Robinsons Land will also be involved in the development of SRP but clear details are available so far. Hollywood film contractor Bigfoot is also building the Bigfoot Entertainment Complex to serve as its high-tech film- making facilities outside of the US mainland and its first foothold in Southeast Asia. Also, there is a push-pull plan for building a giant stadium that could host international sports activities but the kinks in the negotiations have not been ironed out yet. I mean to say “Come on!” The Cebu Coliseum is very old and may not be capable of hosting Cebu's events in the future.


The South Road Properties is getting more exciting from year to year. This will greatly help Cebu’s labor force find its way to generating jobs. The resulting mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment could fuel the engines of the domestic economy, and will forever change the Cebuano lifestyle. Now it looks that the captains of Cebu industries have been right for referring to Cebu’s business boom as Ceboom.


There is no mistaking SRP as the magnet of trade and commerce. Four bridges were to built across the Mambaling Creek, each one giving commuters and shoppers a shortcut route to SM Seaside, and promising a quick makeover for the coastal villages of Ermita and Mambaling. At this early the enterprising traders and land speculators have their heyday acquiring estates ahead of the bridge construction. Yes, there is no stopping indeed for the SRP development framework whose time has come.


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